Bankruptcy of legal entities
We offer you high quality advocacy opinion on the bankruptcy of legal entities. Our lawyers work within this area of expertise together with specialists from MG Tax&Accounting Agency.
MG Tax&Accounting Agency is established on the base of MG Partners Law Firm.
Call us or leave an application online and we will advise you on all matters related to the bankruptcy of legal entity in Kazakhstan
We work in the following areas:
  • Court representation services, including the preparation and filing of applications for institution of bankruptcy proceedings, the appeal of void transactions, etc.
  • Accounting services, rearrangement of accounting records before the bankruptcy proceeding (we work with the 1C accountant software), as well as preparing other procedural documents in this area.
  • Representation of creditors (debtors) within the framework of bankruptcy proceedings at the meetings of committees and meetings of creditors.
  • Control over the activities of a Bankruptcy Manager.
  • Ongoing advising creditors and debtors in the area of bankruptcy.
Benefits of working with MG Partners
High level of service and prompt response
Established contacts in the territory of Kazakhstan
Bespoke individual approach to each Client
Work experience
  • Consultation and representation of a Kazakhstani debtor company in a lawsuit in a debtor’s rehabilitation case.
  • Advising on the issues of bankruptcy of a Kazakhstan transport company in connection with financial insolvency.
  • Representation of the interests of the creditor within the framework of the debtor’s rehabilitation procedure.
  • Participation in lawsuits relating to the rehabilitation procedure against the debtor company.
  • Representation of the interests of the creditor (with voting power) in the Creditors' Committee under the bankruptcy procedure.