Debt recovery from legal entities
Do your partners owe you money? You do not get paid, but you are you still waiting. You take a big risk! We will help you get your money back – legally and without stress!
All debtors tell you the same story and just run out a clock:
  • We have no money; we’ll have money tomorrow or the day after tomorrow
  • We will be paid soon, and then we can pay you
  • We are not satisfied with the quality, we carry out an inspection
The longer you wait, the less likely to get your money back! Stop stand by idly! Waiting could end very badly - the debtor could disappear or turn bankrupt, and you will never get your money back.
Call us or leave an application online and get free of charge a plan of step-by-step measures for debt recovery from legal entities. You will also find out the probability of debt collection. We will determine the probability of debt collection with high accuracy.
The advantages of working with us
  1. Payment for the result

    Our work is measured upon the recovery of debt. Therefore, you pay us when your debt will be returned to you.

  2. Determination of the probability of debt collection

    To save you and your time from the moments where the debtor has nothing to recover, we will determine the probability of debt collection with 100% accuracy. In cases where the debtor does not have the funds to pay, we will develop an alternative strategic plan.

  3. Alternative solutions

    • Invalidation of the debtor’s transactions.
    • Restoration of property and recovery of the debtor’s money which was withdrawn by illegal means.
    • Bringing the debtor to responsibility for non-compliance with court decisions.
    • Bringing the debtor to subsidiary responsibility in case of debtor’s bankruptcy.
  4. Report on the work undertaken

    You will have control over the whole process of debt recovery. We provide online reports on the work undertaken by lawyers on weekly basis. We provide video and audio report on the status of legal proceedings if required.

  5. Control over the enforcement proceedings

    We provide full legal service for the case and assume control over the enforcement proceedings. We work closely with officers of the court and guarantee that your requests will get a hearing and your interests will be defended.

Steps towards the debt recovery from legal entities
  1. The collection of information about the debtor

    The collection of information about the debtor is an important point for determination of the debtor’s status. A legal entity could often turn to be “dummy corporation”, from which is impossible to recover anything.

    • We find out the availability of debtor’s property (movable, immovable). As well as the availability of other assets (participating interests in the charter capital, deposit accounts).
    • We necessarily check the ability to pay debts and tax stability.
    • We search for court decisions against the debtor over the past year.
  2. Negotiations with the debtor

    We will definitely conduct negotiations to determine the conditions for a peaceful settlement of the current situation. We will explain to the debtor that this is in his/her interests. If required, we will sign agreements on the repayment of debts in accordance with a schedule within a specified period.

    If the debtor pushes back, it’s extremely important to draw up correctly the related documents, including claims, and to hand-deliver them to the debtor. This is essential for the next stage. Often, our client or inexperienced attorney understands the importance of such documents, but they are no able to record and execute such claims competently and legally.

  3. The court proceeding

    Debt recovery from legal entities within the framework of the court proceeding consists of the following steps:

    • Preparation of documents for the court proceeding
    • Drawing up a statement of claim
    • Participation in all court sessions of the first and subsequent instances
    • Obtaining a court decision (decree of court) and an order of enforcement.
  4. Control over enforcement proceedings

    Rendering of a positive decision by the court does not mean that the debtor will immediately execute the decision and return the favor, and in this case our work does not end there. It is necessary to recover the debt compulsory. With this end in view we:

    • We oversee the actions of the officers of the court.
    • We cooperate with officers of the court in the search, evaluation and realization of the debtor’s property at the auction or the independent realization of property by the debtor
    • We manage the return of the debtor’s property by challenging of the transactions on the re-registration of property for the previous period. In that case we commit an act of bankruptcy, and within the framework of this procedure, possibility emerges to challenge all transactions over the past three years and try to return the property sold.
Cost of services of debt recovery from legal entities
Sum of recovery Cost of our work
from 500 000 tenge 120 000 tenge
from 500 000 до 1 000 000 tenge 15%, but not less than 130 000 tenge
from 1 100 000 до 2 700 000 tenge 13%, but not less than 170 000 tenge
from 2 700 000 до 5 000 000 tenge 11%, but not less than 320 000 tenge
from 5 000 000 до 10 000 000 tenge 9%, but not less than 500 000 tenge
from 10 000 000 до 100 000 000 tenge 8%, but not less than 900 000 tenge
from 100 000 000 tenge 6%
By passing through all four stages the debt amount will be returned. You pay for the result. The result of our work is a full or greatest possible return of the debt to the recoveror!