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Registration of permitting documents and licenses


Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Permits and Notifications" (the Act) contains an exhaustive list of activities subject to licensing without fail.
According to the Law, the resolution - a reaffirmation of the right person or entity to engage in activities or actions (operations), carried out by the licensing authorities of licensing or authorization procedure.
Activities without a permit (license) provides for administrative or criminal liability, as well as the issuance of the license, the licensee (a natural or legal person having a license) for their activities, the license extends control on compliance with the qualification requirements. In this connection, compliance with licensing legislation is an important task and requires a professional approach.
Licensing in Kazakhstan is divided into sectors of activity, which are divided into types of licensed activity, in turn, types of licensed activities are divided into subtypes, which are specified in the annexes to obtain a license.

Our lawyers are preparing documents for registration, renewal and additions to obtain licenses in various areas, as well as in licensing control.
We are happy to assist you in obtaining a license in the following fields of licensing:
• Architectural, construction and urban development activities
• Industry
• Transport
• trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors
• Export and import of goods
• Telecommunications
• Medicine, etc.

Registration permits:

In Kazakhstan there is an order of licensing procedures, which include a range of activities related to the issuance of special permits, and permits the implementation of control.
Our lawyers are ready to provide you with certain services related to the issuance of permits documents:

1. Obtaining permits for foreign labor force in Kazakhstan, as well as the extension and renewal of such permits.
2. Consultations on the permits for construction.
3. Assistance in obtaining for foreign nationals:
• residence permit;
• business visas.
• taxpayer identification number (TIN);
4. Help in the time of registration of the vehicle in the territory of Kazakhstan.
5. Assistance in obtaining permits for the use of equipment.
6. Assistance in obtaining permits for emissions into the environment.
7. Help in registration cards foreign economic activity (FEA card).
8. Assistance in obtaining the certificate of CT-KZ, etc.

Our lawyers organize the protection of clients' interests at all stages of obtaining permits including in the courts for disputes related to permits.

To learn more about our services, please contact us by phone or email.