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Contract law

Agreement (contract) is a fundament on a base of which sides define their main rights and corresponding obligations. The most popular mistake happening in practice is making of so called “standard agreement”, in other words agreement in general terms (without detailed terms) fixing one or another mutual relationships aspects, simply expecting to define everything basing on good business practices.

In this regard one of our challenges is formulating of contracts, which would provide all necessary terms (as essence ones so the additional) in order to minimize the risks carrying by our clients. 

Particularly special attention is directed to rights and obligations of sides, of course with maximum legal profit for our client.

Also an important and sometimes the most important is the issue of liabilities of parties. Depending on the side we represent while working out an agreement (say builder of customer) we define paragraphs keeping in mind the consequences that may happen as a result of non executing one’s obligation by one of the sides in contract.

Beside the contract  drafting the specialist of our company also make judicial analysis to contracts receive by our clients from their partners. The service includes editing of text, risk estimation and more.

Due to the high level of professionalism in the field of contract law our company pays special attention to the field of legal relations.

Speaking specifically, our company has extensive experience in the drafting of the following types of contracts:

• delivery;

• construction contracts;

• lease;

• Paid services;

• pledge

• assignment;

• other types of contracts


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