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Dissolution and bankruptcy of a company

Dissolution of a company is cessation of existence of business by making a special note in Single State Register of legal Entities. The dissolution causes a loss of civil legal capacity.


We offer full legal support during the procedure of company dissolution  including preparation of all necessary documents and announcements, following all necessary procedures, representing in state bodies (tax, registering authorities) and in courts.


Consultations on rehabilitation of companies as well as accelerated rehabilitation  (default of debtor) (bancraptcy).


No business entity is insured against the risk for a number of subjective and objective factors to become insolvent and therefore unable to be recognized to meet its obligations, in other words, to be declared bankrupt.
Current legislation requires a number of mechanisms aimed at improving the company and restore its solvency.
One such mechanism is the procedure of rehabilitation and accelerated rehabilitation.
Support rehabilitation procedures requires not only the appropriate legal training (such as filing a court application on the application in respect of the debtor rehabilitation procedure and participation in this regard, the court proceedings) but also the necessary economic knowledge (for example in the preparation of the rehabilitation plan of the debtor).
Our experts have all the necessary set of qualities and skills necessary for competent and qualified support of the rehabilitation process of the debtor, which included the preparation and submission of the relevant application to the judicial authority and participation in this regard in the Court's meetings, as well as work with rehabilitation manager in connection with the activities aimed at improving your business.

In addition to the support of the rehabilitation process, we are pleased to offer you the support of procedure of bankruptcy of the insolvent - the debtor since the application for the initiation of an insolvent debtor's bankruptcy proceedings ending with the realization of the estate held by the bankruptcy manager, trading.

We offer full legal bankruptcy and rehabilitation  of the enterprise including the preparation of necessary documents and declarations, compliance with all the necessary procedures, representation in government (tax, registration authorities) and in the courts.

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