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Real estate and land

Real estate (property) include - land, buildings and other property, closely linked to land, ie objects, move them without disproportionate damage to their purpose.
At the moment, the procedure for registration of rights to real estate is considerably simplified, in accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On state registration of rights to real property" ownership of real property and land can be held in an electronic manner.
Electronic registration - the state registration of rights to immovable property, on the basis an electronic copy of title document, enters an information system of legal inventory from a single notarial information system automatically after the notarization of the transaction

When real estate transactions are very important issues are checking the legal status of an object on the cadastral records in order to detect irregularities that may affect the conduct of the transaction, as well as the rights and encumbrances of third parties impede the transaction
Our company will provide the proper registration of transactions, as well as restoration of the inventory business.
Maintenance of real estate transactions for private individuals and legal entities will allow us to eliminate any violations impeding the implementation of the transaction and registration of rights to immovable property.

The main task of our specialists to analyze the title documents and analyze the potential risks when buying an apartment, land or production facilities, as well as to accompany the transaction itself.

Types of legal services rendered in the field of real estate:
• transfer of land use rights as a contribution to the authorized capital of an economic partnership
• a change of purpose of land
• Legal advice on transactions in real estate (buildings, constructions, residential and non-residential premises, apartments, houses, enterprises as property complexes)
• legal review and assessment documents and the status of the property when you buy, check the "purity" of the history of the object in the interest of the buyer
• assistance for the introduction of the act of commissioning of buildings and structures, redevelopment;
• Output from the residential real estate
• inspection of buildings and structures (certified experts) services Expert Bureau MG Expert www.mgexpert.kz
• legalization of documents, drawing up contracts of sale, rent real estate expertise of drawing up a contract
• representation of the buyer or seller in the bodies of registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it
• legal protection of the parties to the litigation about the property
• legal support of the enforcement proceedings on real estate.
The main issues on which legal services are:
• legal support of transactions in real estate
• legal support of the state registration of ownership of real estate
• legal services in litigation on the rights of ownership of the property
• Legal services for the protection of the interests in the debate on the pledged property
• Legal services for the recognition of property rights.

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