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Registration of companies in Kazakhstan

One of the most important foundations of the success of the company in Kazakhstan is the choice of the legal form of legal entity or structural subdivision.

It is very important when choosing the organizational legal form of a legal entity, branch or representative office, take into account the rules of the currency legislation of Kazakhstan. According to our law, all foreign currency monetary transactions between residents of Kazakhstanmust be made only in the national currency, and in the case of a foreign legal entity opens a branch or representative office in Kazakhstan, in which case there is a possibility of payments in foreign currency.

But on the other hand, there are many advantages for the Kazakhstan legal entities, for example, take the most common organizational legal form chosen by entrepreneurs is a limited liability partnership, shortly - LLP, thus if marginal revenue for the fiscal year is not more than 420 000 $, thanthe entity can work using a special tax regime as a regime of simplified declaration.

Our specialists from accounting bureau «MG Buh» (www.mgbuh.kz)can explaing the features of the special tax regime (the simplified declaration) , you only have to write to us.

Also common is the opening of a branch of a foreign legal entity. In contrast to the representation, the branch may carry out commercial activities on the territory of Kazakhstan and representative office is a division of a legal entity located outside of its location and performing protection and representation of the legal entity which commits on behalf of transactions and other legal actions.

Consequently, the representative office may carry out protection and representation of foreign companies, as well as make on its behalf transactions and other legal actions on the territory of Kazakhstan, but Kazakhstan's legislation does not allow the Missions (representative offices) have the opportunity to directly engage in business or other commercial activities on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Our company professionally provides legal assistance in the preparation documents for:

• registration of enterprises in Kazakhstan, any form of ownership, including ones with foreign participation

• registration of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entity.

• Re-registration of enterprises of any legal organizational forms, changes in the constituent documents, change of corporate name, a reduction of the authorized capital, change of legal address and change the composition of members of the legal entity

• re-registration of branches or representative offices of a legal entity, changes in the position of a branch (representative office) of a legal entity, change of the legal address of the branch (representative office) of a legal entity, etc.

Our Accounting Office «MG Buh» is pleased to offer our clients services in accounting and tax accounting (www.mgbuh.kz), since the registration of the company (representative office) in the judiciary and in the future in the course of financial and economic activity.

We have experience of cooperation with foreign companies to successfully implement business in Kazakhstan.

Write to us and a specialist MG PARTNERS give you a detailed answer to your questions, as well as will throw you a comparison table (LLP / branch) for the objective analysis.


To learn more about our services, please contact us by phone or email.