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Reorganization of Companies in Kazakhstan

The reorganization of the legal entity is often found in the following forms:

• Mergers

• Connections

• Separation

• Discharge

• Transformations


Our company provides complete and professional legal support for mergers, consolidation, division, sale and acquisition of companies or shares.


This transaction is a very responsible thing, in mergers and acquisitions, we can provide the most thorough and objective legal analysis of the acquired company, as well as carry out a risk assessment of the transaction. One important task is to draw up a competent contract, excluding any risks for the client.


Competent lawyers or partners of our company will prepare all necessary documents for the reorganization of a legal person in one form or another, will protect the interests of the client throughout the process of reorganization, including the approval of transactions with public bodies, the company's management, and in cases of necessity and creditors .


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