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Representation client’s interests in courts

Institute of legal representation is an essential tool to protect the rights and legitimate interests of both natural and legal persons.
Of course, no one and nothing prevents a person to carry out an independent defense of their violated rights, but as practice shows, often such "amateur" has very negative consequences for the subject.
The reason is that often the person to defend himself in itself is not a professional in the field of law, which often leads to a "fatal consequences, as representing the opposite side of the lawyer is able to turn the tide of affairs, so as a result of which the person will not only It denied his seemingly legitimate demands, but will be charged a certain amount, such as entertainment expenses and the amount of the fines which the person does not even due to the lack of experience of playing in the judiciary.
In order to avoid the possibility of the above unpleasant situation, our company is pleased to offer its services in representation of your interests in the courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
For the quality of our work speak numerous court decisions made in favor of small and medium-sized businesses whose interests are represented by our company.
In this area of ​​our work is not just limited to commercial disputes, since in addition to this category of disputes, we also deal with appeals against acts and omissions of public authorities and their officials, as well as work with claims with your counterparties.

If necessary, the client can not personally participate in the hearing, the power of attorney, our lawyers can participate in proceedings and to defend the interests of the client in a civil case. We believe that the assistance of a qualified expert in this case is necessary, since a very important role in the civil process is the statement of claim, as well as the debate on the competent court. All this must be taken into account at an early stage of the trial, in this case, a successful outcome of the case will be provided by the customer (or to minimize the costs of the case at a loss).

In this branch of law, our team consists of experienced lawyers able to offer the optimal outcome of the case and defend him in civil proceedings.
Our services:

• pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
representation in all courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in all areas of law, including the Supreme Court (civil and administrative litigation, litigation involving public officials);
• Legalization of judgments of foreign courts on the territory of Kazakhstan;
• representation of the debtor, the creditor at the stage of the enforcement proceedings;
• a comprehensive legal analysis, including internal investigations;
• legal support during inspections of public authorities.

We can also carry out complex legal and financial audit of the company, which operates in Kazakhstan, it is necessary to analyze the solvency of the debtor.

To learn more about our services, please contact us by phone or email.