Str. Volochaevskaya 8, second floor,
office 205

Phone: +7 (7212) 91-09-92


Beibitshilik str. 14, 9 floor, office 907

Phone: +7 (7172) 57-86-45


Name: Darya Markina
Position held: Senior lawyer
E-mail: d.markina@moving.kz

Education:  College degree in «Economic information systems»  (with merit) in 2008 at D.A. Kunayev university college, bachelor of  «Heat power Engineering» (with merit) in 2012 at PI International Business Academy, LLB of General Law  in 2014 at Kazakhstan-Russian University in Astana.

Experience: Darya has an experience in the governmental judicial authorities at legal entity registration office, has an experience of notarial actions, also she has graduated as a heat power engineer to research licensure actions in planning law and land policy and manufacturing industry. Also, Dariуa has a practical experience in incorporation and reregistration of a legal entity, branches and representations, registration of titles to real property, land property, certificates of acceptance and other legal actions of property inquiries.

Fluent in Russian and English languages


Name: Temir Ibrayev

Position held: Lawyer

E-male: t.ibrayev@moving.kz

Education: LLB International Law degree (with merit) in 2011 at Karaganda State University, BEc General Economics degree in 2013 at Karaganda Economic University, LLM International Commercial Law degree at University of Sussex (UK)

Work experience: Temir Ibrayev has an experience in the sphere of international law, international commercial law, corporate law, contract law and CSR. Also, Temir has an experience in international arbitration organisation and operation, and in extrajudicial dispute resolution and transactions.

Fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English languages


Name: Inna Revazova

Position held: Lawyer

E-male: i.revazova@moving.kz

Education: Law degree (summa cum laude) in 2012 at Balkhash Multidisciplinary college, LLB General Law (summa cum laude) in 2015 at Karaganda State University

Work experience: Inna Revazova specialised  in the sphere of corporate law and civil procedure law, being one of the specialists on cooperation with non-residents in Republic of Kazakhstan. For the detalised research of international law she repeatedly took the internships abroad. She also has an experience in prejudicial complaint collection. Besides Inna dealing with preparing the documents connected for the actual company process. Main duty oriented with client companies legal services, representing interests on behalf of individuals and legal entities in the courts of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Fluent in Russian, English and French languages


Name: Daniyar Iklassov

Position held: Astana city, Senior lawyer

E-male:  d.iklassov@moving.kz

Education: LLB General law degree in 2013 at the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov, LLM in General law  in 2015 at the Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilyov. During the research on the topic of dissertation, Daniyar took an academic  internship in Poland.

Work experience: Daniyar provide a legal service  in the civil litigation and corporate law.  Also, he provides representation of the clients in the local courts on the various category of cases. Also he has an experience in the contract law and experience of  resolving the cases related to property issues

Fluent in Kazakh, Russian, Turkish and English languages


Name: Azhikulova Tileu
Position: Consultant on international taxation
Specialist of Accounting Office «MG Buh» (www.mgbuh.kz)
Skype: tohtarovna_tileu
E-mail: t.azhikulova@moving.kz

Azhikulova Tileu  is a qualified expert in the field of international taxation, has extensive experience with foregn legal entities, she  is the main consultant on issues where conventions on avoidance of double taxation are applied, and particularly the taxation of foreign legal entities and branches in Kazakstan.


Name: Ainur Beysenova
Position: Financial Advisor
Specialist of Accounting Office «MG Buh» (www.mgbuh.kz)
E-mail: a.beysenova@moving.kz 

Ainur is a professional in the field of tax law, in our accounting bureau Ainur specializes on international tax law, including a sufficient knowledge and experience in the application of international double taxation conventions.