31 08 2022
A Short "Guide" to Public Procurement for Beginner Entrepreneurs
One of the ways that business entities carry out their commercial activities is public procurement. It is legally defined that public procurement is the purchase by customers of goods, works, services in whole or in part at the expense of budgetary funds and (or) their own income, with the exception of income from international airports related to the provision of services to non–residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
01 04 2022
Entry into Kazakhstan of foreign nationals exercising the powers of the first executive.
Based on the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreigners and stateless persons in Kazakhstan enjoy the rights and freedoms, as well as bear the responsibilities established for citizens, unless otherwise provided by the Constitution, laws and international treaties.
16 02 2022
The administration is not responsible for the safety of the things left behind
Is it really so? Who then is responsible for a lost item?
23 12 2021
Trademark Registration in Kazakhstan: Questions and Answers
The legal protection of the trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of registration of the application. The term of protection can be extended for 10 years an unlimited number of times, an application for extension is submitted during each last year of protection.
05 11 2021
Invention or Utility Model
In the Republic of Kazakhstan, an application for a title of protection for a foreign entity is possible only through a patent attorney. The result of the registration of industrial property objects is the issuance of a title of protection by the National Institute of Intellectual Property.
03 11 2021
Need for Copyright Registration
In the modern world, due to the development of Internet technologies, creativity is widespread and becomes more accessible. In this regard, authors of works should pay close attention to the protection of their rights in the field of intellectual property.
25 10 2021
The Arbitration Clause in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Determination of Jurisdiction. Law Enforcement Problems
Arbitration is an alternative to the judicial settlement of commercial disputes and always starts with the mutual expression of the will of the parties to refer their dispute to a special non-governmental body. Thus, a potential or already arising dispute from a civil law contract is removed from the jurisdiction of a state court.
22 10 2021
Liability of Founding Shareholders and Officials at Bankruptcy of Limited Liability Partnership
The very name of organizational legal form defines the characteristic and main peculiarity of Limited Liability Partnerships (hereinafter - LLP), which is in the following – liability of founding shareholders towards creditors is limited with limits of charter capital.
19 10 2021
Permission for Involvement of Foreign Labor
There are lots of companies in Kazakhstan that need to employ foreign citizens due to need in definite qualification, work experience or specialization of the employee. Read more in the article.
29 09 2021
Standard form of Article of Association. Consequences of failure to sign upon the establishment of LLP
Article of Association of Limited Liability Partnerships In order to simplify business registration procedure in Kazakhstan based on the Law No. 2198 of April 17, 1995 "On state registration of legal entities and accounting registration of branches and representative offices" the provision on establishment of notification procedure for business entities registration (instead of the permissive one) came into effect.
04 03 2019
Doing Business in Kazakhstan
Год за годом Казахстана улучшает свои позиции в рейтинге Всемирного банка «Doing business». Согласно опубликованному на 2019 год, страна в общем рейтинге поднялась на 28 место (из 190 стран)
31 01 2019
Expanding partners’ network
A meeting with Tatiana Koryakina, a representative of the largest Polish law firm, Domański Zakrzewski Palinka was held today.
01 01 2019
Summing up the results of 2018
More than 100 companies with foreign participation were registered, more than 50 cooperation contracts were signed with entrepreneurs from different countries who successfully conduct business in Central Asia and Europe with the help of MG Partners in 2018.
28 12 2018
Legal audit for Chinese company
Our company has successfully conducted a legal audit of a Chinese subsidiary. We were approached by representatives of Chinese holding company to conduct legal audit of their subsidiary company registered in Kazakhstan, with the aim to identify potential violations of current legislation and develop an operating procedure for their elimination with eventual entry into the IPO market.
18 11 2018
Protection of brand names
Litigation on the identity of company names. A major domestic company that sells specialized software applied for legal assistance in the protection of rights and legal interests in court.
28 10 2018
Legal opinion for construction group from Denmark
A Danish subsidiary company applied for legal support regarding construction of a large service center in Karaganda. MG Partners has provided a legal opinion on the possible options and procedure for paperwork at all stages of the service center construction.
31 05 2018
Round Table on activity results: 10 years on the legal services market
We have been operating on the legal services market 10 years now. MG Partners is a company with unchallenged reputation