Intellectual property protection
Intellectual property protection is one of our key competencies. The tendencies of illegal use of intellectual property are highly developed in our country, therefore, the protection of copyright, related rights and industrial property has strategic importance and is a necessary condition for successful business development.
We are ready to render assistance in preparing statements of claim, in legal support of civil cases in various categories of intellectual property disputes:
  1. Patent disputes.

  2. Trademark disputes.

  3. Disputes on copyright protection.

  4. Disputes on the protection of related rights.

  5. Disputes on identity of the name.

Call us or leave an application online and we will advise you on all matters related to the intellectual property protection.
Basic Services
  1. Assistance in registration of copyright and related rights.

  2. Drawing up and verification of license contracts, sublicense agreements, assignment contracts for a trademark.

  3. Transaction support in the area of intellectual property, including introductions as the authorized capital.

  4. Assistance in registration of a trademark.

  5. Support of state registration of rights on copyrighted works.

  6. Assistance in issuing a patent on inventions, industrial designs, selection inventions, utility models.

Benefits of working with MG Partners
High level of service and prompt response
Established contacts in the territory of Kazakhstan
Bespoke individual approach to each Client
Work experience
  • Consulting and assistance in registration of a trademark at the local level for a Kazakhstani company.
  • Consulting, as well as legal support for registration of a license agreement in respect of trademarks registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Assistance in registration of a trademark at the international level for a Kazakhstani company engaged in manufacturing of woolens.
  • Participation in legal proceedings in the interests of the defendant in the area of intellectual property with regard to identity of the company name and the degree of confusion.
  • Development of a supplement agreement to the license agreement in respect of one Kazakhstani brand.
  • Consulting and assistance in registration of copyright to computer programs.
  • Legal due diligence in relations to the intellectual property for a foreign client.
  • Legal analysis of the franchise agreement for compliance with Kazakhstan legislation for consulting of a foreign client.