Licensing in the area of atomic energy
In case of licensing in the area of the use of atomic energy an exhaustive list of activities subject to licensing is envisaged according to the law «On Permissions and Notifications»:
  • License to perform work related to the life cycle phase of nuclear facilities
  • License for activities on radioactive waste management
  • License for activities on special training of personnel responsible for ensuring nuclear and radiation safety
  • License for activities on the territories of former nuclear test sites and other territories contaminated as a result of nuclear tests
  • License for rendering services in the area of the use of atomic energy
  • License for handling with ionizing radiation devices and installations
  • License for handling with radioactive materials, devices and installations containing radioactive substances
  • License for transportation, including transit transportation, of nuclear materials, radioactive materials, radioisotope sources of ionizing radiation, radioactive waste within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • License for the physical protection of nuclear facilities and nuclear materials
  • License for handling with nuclear materials
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The general procedure work is described below:
  1. Formation of a detailed list of required documents and material and technical equipment.

  2. Development of narrative description of the organization structure, plans, services provisions, instructions, internal acts, charts, methods, programs conforming to the requirements of the legislation of Kazakhstan.

  3. Formation of the list of required employees by education, specialization and experience.

  4. Searching for a contractor and organization of events for obtaining certificates / authorization documents by employees in accordance with the requirements for granting licenses.

  5. Searching for a contractor and the organization of events for passing equipment inspections (if required).

  6. Searching for a contractor for effecting of insurance contracts (if required).

  7. Rendering assistance in the search for production and technical facilities and organization of obtaining the Safety and Health Certificate (if required).

  8. Formation of the application for submission of documents on the web portal.

  9. Documents support in the authorized body.

  10. Support for the inspector’s visit.

  11. Control over the registration of a license in the state register.

Our lawyers provide the protection of the interests of their clients at all stages of granting this type of license, including the support in the courts for disputes over the non-granting of a license.
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