Mergers and Acquisitions
Our experience enables us to provide careful financial and legal analysis when buying or selling shares of companies, during mergers and acquisitions. At the early stages we help clients to determine legal implications and to assess the legal risks of the transaction.
We provide complex follow-up support for merging, sale and acquisition of ready-made companies. Our company's specialists will prepare all required documents for the transaction, including the purchase and sale agreement and protect interests of the client in negotiating.
Each stage of this work is agreed with the Client:
  1. The stage of the legal due diligence and expert appraisal of a transaction

  2. The stage of analysis of a transaction based on the results of the legal due diligence

  3. The stage of seeking approvals of all required state and corporate authorizations

  4. The stage of formation and negotiating the purchase and sale agreement

  5. The stage of conclusion of a transaction. Registration of purchase and sale agreement in the registration authority. Control over registration process

Benefits of working with MG Partners
High level of service and prompt response
Established contacts in the territory of Kazakhstan
Bespoke individual approach to each Client
Work Experience
  • Advising the large Chinese company on the acquisition of assets of a large Kazakhstan company engaged in manufacturing of steel workpieces; the transaction support included legal due diligence.
  • Support of the transaction for the purchase of a share of the charter capital of the Kazakh Company located in the free economic zone and engaged in the car sales. Share was acquired by the Latvian company.
  • Conducting of the legal due diligence for the large Danish company.
  • Advising a mining company on the acquisition of a coal company located in Karaganda.
  • Conducting of the legal due diligence for a large foreign company for the purchase of land and the construction of the Service Center in Kazakhstan.