Re-registration of legal entities

In some registration actions (change of name, change of legal address, size of authorized capital, membership, etc.), entrepreneurs ask themselves if there is a need to change the registration documents and (or) how to make such a registration, whether it change the legal situation?
Often, depending on the nature of the changes being made, the company will only be required to re-register the legal entity, in particular in cases of re-registration of the LLP.
An authorized body conducts the re-registration procedure. At the same time, we recommend consulting only with lawyers with practical experience when making decisions that entail changes in the constitutive documents.

“Turnkey” re-registration of legal entities

The re-registration of a company requires the careful preparation of documents, the list of which is defined by law. Nevertheless, during the initial consultation our specialists collect the necessary preliminary information, analyze the specific request and provide recommendations not only with regard to the short-term objectives of the Client, but also assess the changes made as a stage of a particular transaction or a process.
The main focus of our activity is corporate practice, legal support of business.
We provide a full range of «turnkey» services regardless of the chosen legal form, without the need for the mandatory presence of the chief executive.
We accompany our Clients at all stages of the acquisition/disposal of a share of the authorized capital of a legal entity in the case of a change of its participants.
We carry out mandatory control over the process of re-registration of a legal entity, if necessary, we negotiate with the employees of the registering authority and receive confirmation of the successful re-registration.
In case of change of name during re-registration, we also make a seal for our Clients. As a matter of course, we provide information on the changes made, as well as necessary documents to the service bank.
Due to our own method of organizing work, including remote, our Clients get:
High level of service and prompt response
Established contacts in the territory of Kazakhstan
Bespoke individual approach to each Client
Work Experience
  • Assistance in the re-registration in connection with the change of a member of a legal entity in Kazakhstan (TI-Kaz), France.
  • Assistance in the re-registration of a subsidiary for the large Russian company in connection with the change of name.
  • Assistance in the re-registration of a joint venture of the Kazakh Company (Sigma).
  • Assistance in the record re-registration of a branch of the foreign legal entity in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Czech Company in connection with the change of the name of the parent company.
  • Assistance in the record re-registration of a branch in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Russian Company in connection with the change of name.
Contact us on the above-mentioned phone numbers or by other means for a legal advice on the terms and conditions of the service. We are ready to answer your questions and propose solutions specifically for your situation.