Real Estate and Land Transactions
In transaction processing related to real estate, a topical issue is the verification of the legal status of the real estate property and the land property in accordance with cadastral data in order to identify encumbrances and rights to the property.
Call us or leave an application online and we will advise you on all matters related to real estate transaction processing. We work with legal entities only.
In the event of disputes concerning the turnover of immovable property and land plots, it is necessary to analyze the legal precedents with regard to cases related to real estate. Our company specializes in settlement of land disputes. We are also always happy to provide support for real estate transactions, as well as on the issues of non judicial (judicial) disposal of pledged property, reclamation of real estate property and changes in its designation purpose.
Basic Services
  1. Legal support of the state registered ownership of real estate.

  2. Recognition of the right to real estate properties through legal proceedings.

  3. Transmission of land use rights as a contribution to the charter capital of the economic partnership.

  4. Legal defense of the parties to disputes related to real estate and land property, in particular: disputes on the invalidation of a purchase agreement, disputes on the termination of a purchase agreement, compulsory purchase of land property in profit of state, etc.

Benefits of working with MG Partners
High level of service and prompt response
Established contacts in the territory of Kazakhstan
Bespoke individual approach to each Client
Work experience
  • Advising the large Chinese company on the acquisition of a steel feed fabrication plant in Kazakhstan, legal support of the transaction and state registration of property rights to real estate (manufacturing facilities, workshops).
  • Support of the transaction related to transfer of land use rights as a contribution to the charter capital of a limited liability partnership.
  • Representation in court with regard to case of a Kazakhstani company for the reclamation of its own warehouse from unlawful possession by other persons; in fact, another company illegally used this premises.
  • Legal support of more than one hundred transactions with regard to acquisition of rights.