VAT recovery from the budget
One of the common types of tax disputes are disputes centered on the refusal of the tax authorities to reaffirm the amounts of value added tax (VAT) charged to recovery. We render assistance to our clients, starting from the preparation and examination of documents for VAT recovery from the budget and ending with the appeal of illegal actions of the tax authority on refusal of VAT reimbursement.
We offer you quality advice on VAT recovery from the budget. Our lawyers work in this area together with specialists from MG Tax&Accounting Agency.
MG Tax&Accounting Agency is set up as a successor of MG Partners Law Firm.
Benefits of working with MG Partners
High level of service and prompt response
Established contacts in the territory of Kazakhstan
Bespoke individual approach to each Client
Work Experience
  • Representation in court the interests of a company engaged in manufacturing of steel feeds on the appeal against the actions of on rejection of VAT recovery in the amount of more than 90 million tenge.
  • Representation in court the interests of a Russian company with regard to rejection of tax authority to provide VAT reimbursement in the amount of about 30 million tenge.
  • Providing support for auditing conducted by the Department of Public Revenue of the Karaganda region with regard to VAT reimbursement for one Russian company engaged in the import and export of goods.